A Glass Breaker Pen Is A Nice Addition To My Emergency Tools

I love having some nice tools and emergency supplies that I can use should I ever need to defend myself or use in an emergency. There are some great tools out there that help me to have everything that I need all in one handy tool, like my new pen of the glass breaker kind. This pen is ideal for giving me the kind of protection that I need to have.

The pen functions just like a regular pen, and it has some great uses for emergency situations. I like having the pen for my everyday writing needs and carrying one everywhere that I am. I like to keep a good pen of the glass breaker kind in my purse and in my pocket and at my desk at work. I also have some in my home office.

I like that I get some great emergency supplies without having to carry something big and bulky around with me. The glass breaker pen is an effective tool to have for emergency use and it gives me some great writing as well. The pen is just what I need for ensuring that I can have the protection that I need always with me.