A Tactical Pen Is My Little Secret Weapon

I love the idea of having some great pens of the tactical kind for my everyday needs. There are some nice choices online and I love the one that I got. The pen works well for writing and I am looking forward to getting some more of them. A good pen comes in handy and when it can serve as solid protection, that is even better.

I have been using my pen of the tactical kind at home and I can’t wait to get one for the car and to have one at the office and in my purse. I am always in need of a pen it seems like. It will be nice to get some added peace of mind with the pens in my car and in my purse. If I am going to get a pen, I might as well get one that will serve many important purposes.

The tactical pen that I have been using is made of aluminum and it has a nice pocket clip on it. The pen is a nice defender pen to have. Even though the pen is very heavy-duty, it is also really lightweight and easy to use at the same time. The pen features a glass breaker and it can withstand pretty much anything.